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Unicrimp Cable Ties are produced on multi-impression tools which mould complete one piece ties with no metal parts.

They are manufactured from tough durable Nylon 6/6 which has been tested to UL94 V-2. The material is zero halogenated and also has a low smoke and fume capability when compared to materials such as PVC, PP, PE, ABS, POM, etc. The classified oxygen index at max 28% dry is considered excellent in halogen free and LSF situations.

These specifications include, for the performance testing requirements with regard to flammability, tensile strength, vibration, corrosion, etc., and in most cases exceed the recommendations. The ties can be tensioned by hand or by the use of applied tensioning tools. 

Cable Ties

  • Miniature Range - Length 80mm to 130mm - Width 2.5mm - Tensile Strength 8.1kgs
  • Intermediate Range - Length 140mm to 370mm - Width 3.2mm to 3.6mm - Tensile Strength 18.2kgs
  • Standard Range - Length 120mm to 430mm - Width 4.5mm to 4.8mm - Tensile Strength 22.2kgs 

Extra Wide Cable Ties

The Unicrimp range of heavy duty cable ties are designed for applications that require combined high strength fixing and a positive locking capability. They are particularly suitable in difficult situations frequently found in petro-chemical or marine industries. They are available in two colours, natural nylon and black. 

  • Light Heavy Range - Length 150mm to 370mm - Width 7.2mm to 7.6mm - Tensile Strength 54.5kgs
  • Heavy Range - Length 450mm to 810mm - Width 8mm to 9mm - Tensile Strength 79.4kgs
  • Extra Heavy Range - Length 230mm to 1,030mm - Width 12.7mm - Tensile Strength 113.5

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