Electric Towel Rails With Thermal Fluid


  • 4 patented wall-mounting brackets: quick and easy to install in a ew build or in home renovation projects. 
  • High quality design with a chrome finish, Anhemys Ecosens' Chrome fits perfectly in a multitude of bathroom designs. 
  • Extra-flat occupancy detector, dual occupancy detection. 
  • Auto-programmable with dual optimisation feature. 
  • EcoSens pack, Comfort, performance and energy saving. 
  • Adjustable 60-minutes boost mode, instant heat for immediate comfort. 
  • Energy savings from PID control. 
  • Dual child anti-tamper. 
  • Indoor air quality preserved: does not dry out the air and stop dust movement.
Neomitis Electric Towel Rails

Coming soon!!! Feel free to contact us for more information.